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The Traditional Kuswar Sweets a Christmas Festive Treat

goan christmas kuswar

Coastal and the belts of Goa rejoice during Christmas by sharing and giving away a bunch of eateries or one may call it snacks called Kuswar, also known as Kushwad. These are combination of Festive sweets , snacks, fruits and Dry fruits. This is a unique way of offering eatables as a gesture of season’s greetings to neighbors, relatives, friends or colleagues. Very much commonly practiced by Goan Catholics, Mangalorean Catholics  Now this comes with a bunch of tasty . Check out what is included here

1.Kidiyo :

christmas sweets mangalorean

These are also known as Kulkuls. It’s a semolina based snack. It comes in its unsweetened form and some are sweet rolled in icing. How is the dough curled here? Using bristles of comb. Now that’s kind of artistic and different isn’t it?

2.Guliyo :

Few like to rhyme it like Kidiyo and Guliyo. These are red colored rice marbles which are kind of hard to bite but very tasty. The sweetness here comes in the form of jaggery alog with the flavor of milk.


goan christmas kuswar

How can one forget the styles crisp fried Nivris. The choice of whats on the inside is dependent from person to person. Some like to keep it like a mixture of Cocunut and jiggery. Few other like to add white sesame, Dry fruits  like kishmis, almonds, pisatchios in its sliced form.  But they are what adds magic to the Kuswar list

4.Rose Cookies:

christmas rose cookies

Have you ever tried tucking these wheel shaped tasty yummy cookies admist your finger tips and playing around during your childhood. That is how most of them remember these cookies as.


christmas kuswar laddo

These are the ladoos made out of rava or semolina or sooji. They taste heavenly and a feast to the ones who are crazy of Laddoos in general. It is called Thandlache Ladoos


Next in the list is this diamond shaped crispy munchi made up of wheat floor and Maida floor. They are mildly sweet and great to munch during snack time

7.Chakli: Popularly known as Muruku , again we all know what they are. 

8.Plum Cake:

Packed with variety of dried fruits like dry figs, tutti fruttis, cherries, raisins of all types Plum cake is rich, flavorful garnished with some nuts. Some of these dried fruits are soaked in liquor for sometime which gives a unique taste to the cake. 

9.Cashew Macaroons:

These are made of floor, grounded cashew , sugar , pinch of salt and cardamom. It tastes super amazing and very much loved by kids . Cashew is the main ingredient here which adds taste and awesome flavour

10.Fresh Dates: 

Now these are for all those dates lovers. These dates usually are seedless. Keeping in mind the energy, vitality, nourishment it brings in to human body. These days dates are replaced with various different varieties like medjool, ajwa, safawi, irani dates.  Dates are highly nutritious packed with anti-oxidants. They are rich in iron and calcium which inturn promotes bone health.These are available in online stores in best of quality and price.

11.Oranges and Nendran Bananas:

Oranges and bananas are added as fruits which again adds to healthy options in the Kuswar plate. 

Oranges are packed with Vitamins and boosts the immune system. They help ones body generate collagen which is very healthy for skin. Nendran bananas are high in magnesium, Vitamins, Fibre and are very easily digestible. These are good for heart and cholesterol and are considered one of the superfoods in fruits category.


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