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Energy draining habits which needs immediate actions

Energy draining habits which needs immediate actions

Incorrect sleep cycle

Human body works relentlessly day in and out. There is a lot of process going on continuously just like a factory. Every system is closely connected and one cannot function without the other. We have no control on what is happening inside of us but it is us who is giving the inputs to the body in terms of taught, food and quality of life. One aspect of the qualitative life is sleep schedule and the cycle.

“Sleep schedule refers to the number of hours an individual requires to recharge oneself for the upcoming day. Sleep Cycle refers to the continuity and consistency on daily basis which strikes a balance to undertake his day to day activities

Modern lifestyle calls for a lot of challenges when it comes to managing sleep. It could be late night shifts, night working hours, extended work or personal life whereabouts or social media addictions. Any one of this can be a simple reason for hampered sleeping habit.  We usually notice a disturb or decrease in energy level and our indulgence in activities the next day due to lack of sleep. We may land up feeling irritated at work, sleepy the whole day, tired, lazy and less active. We may even not feel good enough to do any normal day to day activities like eating, exercise, household chores etc.

One must not give up on the aspects of sleep like quality and timeline.  It is said the new borns upto 3 months sleep anything between 14 to 7 hours. Kids below 13years clock in 9 to 12 hours. As we grow the hours decrease. In teenage one wishes to sleep for 8 to 10 hours. Adults usually require good 7-8 hours of sleep to function at the optimal. Anything less than this could lead to an unbalanced day. Some of them have tendency to function without sleep and seems like everything is fine with them. But definitely this won’t last on longer run. On longer run, one will start seeing health concerns triggered due to lack of sleep.

Some of us prefer a small power nap mid day which could be a refreshing charge point and experience to function for the rest of the day. Especially the morning lovers who start their day at 5am tend to experience slow down of energy say by mid-day, especially post lunch hours. Hence a small power nap could be a game changer. Fixing the sleep is the first stage to get your energy levels high and charged for the day.

Exposure to gadgets

Make it a strict habit to limit the usage of gadgets when it is not required. We live in a world in which not having a gadget is hard. Major communications and day to day activities goes smoother with technology and mobile phones.  We can’t miss out on computers and laptops for work, mobile phones, and television time with family.

“Social media and gadgets has gotten us into an addiction of using the phone first thing we wake up in the morning, scrolling even with a lunch plate in hand and killing late night hours on phones”

Now, on a long run this not just impacts the vision but also hampers the mind. Our brain is continuously receiving data. Data in the form of content,  videos, noise, emotional ups and downs which is leading us nowhere. We are almost detached from the physical world and living more in the virtual world and energy is blocked. Why do we say energy is blocked?  Because there is stagnancy. We are less active, we become couch potatoes and do not indulge in anything productive. As soon as the eyes get stressed, rest of the parts will follow and stop exhibiting energy to function. Hence modern life calls for usage of gadgets but in an efficient and productive way. Even with work, one must give regular breaks and stretch, look at the greener side outside the window and rejuvenate.

Poor eating habits

We are what we eat they say. But today, we have so many options to eat. The slogan needs a revision – “We are what we choose to eat”. End of the day choice is ours. Choose lesser number of coffee/tea cups throughout the day, choose for salads and fruits instead of pizza/burgers, choose to munch on healthy nuts instead of oily snacks, choose Makhanas instead of fried samosas, choose to add some gulkhand in milk and consume instead of aerated drinks.

 Include a lot of fresh vegetables, eggs, avocados, fruits, Almonds, Walnuts, Oats, and Protein rich Seeds in your diet. Say a strict no to oil fried, Street food, unhealthy fats, and canned foods. You will see a huge change in your system and skin as the days go by.

“Your body will start thanking you for the lesser efforts it has to put to exfoliate the unwanted and detoxification. It will thank you for creating lesser room for diseases in the body”

How is energy saved here? When your body is in its comfort, it will keep your gut and digestive system in peace. With peace in every part of your body, you end up saving lot of energy which would otherwise be lost investing on feel good factor.

Exercise and Meditation

Did you know that you can generate energy and balance it with the help of exercises and meditation. Meditation in simple words is the best way to focus on the breath work and live in the present and create positive, productive energy”

Meditation can be guided, or simple chants or mantras or breathing exercise, listening to everything around you, looking inside to find peace within. When you empty the data in the mind by creating room for new with meditation, you tend to save a lot of energy which could be lost with so many things running in the mind. Like how body needs sleep to refresh, so does mind need meditation.

“Exercises on the other hand is a way to generate some happy hormones in the body and release the stress hormones. When the stress hormones releases, the body gets automatically energized”

 You see the flexibility in muscles and enhanced stamina to perform better and become more productive. Set a routine and make exercise and meditation part of life, just like how you have food and sleep.


Lack of Sunlight

“Have you experienced gloominess when you are in a dark room? Come out and breathe in the fresh air and open your arms to sunlight. You will see an amazing shift. This is nothing but the power of Vitamin D from Mr. Sun

Sunlight has umpteen numbers of benefits to human body and not getting enough exposure to sunlight could lead to deficiency in Vitamin D. Decreased Vitamin D results in reduced absorption of calcium in the body. Lesser calcium results in weaker bones, teeth and the list continues. So what we mean to the say is Sunlight is a source of energy and ensure you have enough of it on day to day basis.

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