Work place Hungerpangz is real!
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Work place Hungerpangz is real!

dry fruits and nuts

The day begins with a list of to- does in one's mind as soon as one is out of bed. Then rushing to office one has to kick start his work.  By the time he kick starts and finishes up all the stand up meetings, hustles, the clock ticks 11am. Some of us would have had some light breakfast or just a cup of morning tea or coffee or eaten half the breakfast just before rushing to office. 11am is when the mind is settled and one needs that instant kick or boost of energy to push oneself to next level. This is when the "what to eat or munch?" kind of questions knocks your mind. 90% of the cases, hand reaches out to the packet of chips or some fried snacks which would be lying on the work desk drawer. Sometimes it's a bar of chocolate or sometimes it could be stealing a bite from the colleagues Tiffin. Majority of the time it's a no-brainer task. In the passing moment, we just need to satisfy the stomach which is asking for something to keep itself going .Workplace Hunger pangs are absolutely real. This is not confined to 11am or 12pm or 3pm. It can attack you at any given point of day.

Current era calls for work from home. Now work from home is never time bound as one works under the luxury and comforts of one's home. Which means that the work hours are never fixed. It can begin at 8am and end by 10pm or begin at 11am and end by 2am. There is extra benefit of spreading across any time and you are expected to be available all the time. Now here yet again, hunger pangs is very much real. The kitchen will definitely have 'n' number of options to munch on. If kitchen is empty, then the online apps calls from anytime delivery of pizzas, burgers, samosas etc. You name it, we have the luxury of having it. Thanks to online food apps.

Now let's talk about the mid-night Hunger pangs. Very much real for one's working in odd shifts and working in night shifts . Despite of good dinner one feels the need to munch on something in between  the quite space of night. As the most popular choice, one chooses Maggy or any instantly and easy to eat options.  Its actualy fun for us to provide our stomach with readily available packet foods during those hours when the stomach is at its rest and recovery stage, preparing for the next day.

Here is where self control and choices play a major role. What you choose to eat during such hungry hours defines your health, nourishment, energy levels and how you feel at the gutt level. Quick go- to options are below. Try implementing them and see how you feel

Roasted seeds

Seeds are like plant based Protein pills. A simple homemade recipe packed in a small snack box will be a rescue for your cravings. Take some sunflower, pumpkin, watermelon seeds. Dry roast them with a pinch of salt. Seeds are rich in good fats, proteins , fibre. They are good add on to keep you nourished on daily basis. Just think of them as a suppliments for multivitamins for your body. You will see the difference eventually


One can never go wrong if one replaces al the packet junks to healthy nuts. Nuts are rich in Vitamin E, Calcium, Proteins, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorous etc.  They are considered both heart healthy and brain healthy. Very much recommended for blood pressure control and good Cholestrol. Explore the taste and extra benefits by adding different types of nuts the snack box. Change the schedule everyday. Cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, brazilnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts. 7 nuts for 7 days in a week. Isn't it worth while!


All of us might not have grown up with the luxury of dry fruits and nuts at home but peanuts,yes!

Peanuts are very good for building energy, rich in protein, fat, fibre and minerals. You may try different options in peanuts. You may simply dry roast them with salt, or have them in the boiled form or chop some vegetables like carrot, cucumber, onion,tomato and have them in the form of salad.  Do not forget. It's simply peanuts .

Dry fruits

Apricots, prunes, figs, dry amla dates are all instant mood and energy booster. All of these come with variety of benefits.  They are good for heart health, antioxidant, addresses constipation issues , rich in body essentials etc. 2 pieces of prunes ,2 pieces of apricots or 1 piece of fig and 1 wet date a day can make a lot of difference. You can say its quality over quantity.  Start imagining this, replace the chips packet with a date box.  You will see one of your health goal being achieved at  your work desk.


Have you ever wanted to have something crispy like popcorn during your tea/coffee breaks yet want it to be healthier. Makhanas to your rescue! Makhaans are heart healthy, good for liver and bones, detoxifies the system and very good for digestive health. You can buy some plain makhanas and dry roast them with your favourite flavours or buy flavoured makhanas from online stores. Try shopping from Hungerpangz .They come with sealed cans ,preserving the freshness and crunch in different flavours like tangy tomato makhanas, cheese makhanas etc.. Makhanas are rich in   Carbs, Calcium, Iron, Proteins and a great munching option.

Flavoured nuts

If you are someone who like to have extra spice ,extra flavours in your nuts then flavoured nuts is what you need to give a try. Today we get several flavoures in nuts like pepper cashews, peri peri almonds, salted and roasted nuts, Thai chilly cashews etc. They are simply delicious and it's hard to stop munching on them.

Beat your hunger pangs now with healthy options rather than eating what you are not sure of . Ultimately you are what you eat.

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