Easily achievable Health goal this New year – Suryanamaskar
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Easily achievable Health goal this New year – Suryanamaskar

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Amongst the several health goals that we write down as a mark to our New year, one which can be easily learnt, achieved and adapted as a part of daily lifestyle is Suryanamaskar.

A salute to Sun, the Suryanamaskar is a series of 12 postures practised in a flowing sequence combining the use of breath. Now this can be achieved first thing in the morning, say within an hours timeline of you waking up. 

What does Suryanamaskar do?

  •   Stimulates and energises the whole body
  •   Clears the early morning mind fog and helps one’s mind function better
  •   Improves circulation of blood and charges your body
  •   Strengthens arms, legs, joints and builds balance
  •   Increases spine flexibility and suppleness
  •   Increases joint movements and flexibility of ankles, knees, hips, wrist, elbows and shoulders.
  •   Opens and expands the body chakras
  •   Relieves and releases upper body congestion
  •   Tones and stimulates the internal organs
  •   Strengthens the back and keeps up to the pelvic floor health
  •   Addresses mental health concerns like anxiety, fear, stress, lower concentration.
  •   Helps in better digestion

Why should you choose this as an lifestyle activities. Here are few reasons:

Takes less time :

In todays busy lifestyle it might be hard to actually find time for any exercise routine. Here you may have to allocate just 30 mins of your morning. 6 sets of Suryanamaskar everyday can take you a long long way. All you need to do is fix a right time post waking up and spread your yoga mat

Exercise for whole body:

Posture 1: Here body is straight, weight even on both feet, head, neck and shoulders relaxed, elbows close to the body

Posture 2: Here hips are pushed forward, body bent back, shoulders relaxed and parallel, stretched throat, legs straight. The back bend enhances and stretches the spine and back muscles.

Posture 3: Here legs are straight, knees back, shoulders relaxed, parallel; top of head faced to the floor, tail bone is pushed and elongated forward. This relaxes the muscles in the abdomen and back

Posture 4: Here right leg is extended back, toes on the floor, heel up, left knees over left heel, front of body opens the face ahead. There is stretch in leg and neck muscles here.

Posture 5: a plank hold relaxes and vibrates the stomach muscles and strengthens the legs and knees with balancing on the toes

Posture 6: A good stretch to the toes, knees, chest and chin.

Posture 7: opening up of front of the body and the stretching of reproductive muscles, pelvic muscles, abdomen muscles and the stretching of back

Posture 8: The mountain pose relaxes the shoulder back, stomach and enhances the blood circulation. Tailbone is elongated, buttocks are widened.

Posture 9, 10, 11, 12 reverses the first four postures and gives moves to various parts of the body

Breath work relaxes the stress level and anxiety:

Every posture in Suryanamaskar expects one to do a work around expand/release of chest and inhale/exhale of breath. Now this is kind of great exercise to lungs and mind, relieving all kind of temporary stress related to body. This clears of any unwanted blockages in the mind and helps one think clear and better

Compulsory Corpse pose or Shavasana after Suryanamaskar:

A ten mins relaxation technique can help one visualise the entire body to be on ease and relaxed post the repetition of postures in desired numbers.

Remedy to major lifestyle diseases:

90% of the masses today suffer from at least one kind of lifestyle disorder like diabetes, pcos, blood sugar, strokes, Obesity. A routine exercise is commonly suggested measure by almost all doctors. Suryanamakar can be an effective workout to combat all these slow poisoning deadly lifestyle diseases.

Suryanamaskar in combination of healthy foods like green vegetables, colourful fruits, Dry fruits, Nuts, Seeds can add a great value to overall wellbeing. You will start observing yourself and getting more self-aware on your whereabouts and emotions. It helps keep ones actions in control and also develops a balanced approach towards life. Inculcate healthy diet by starting your day with Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, raisins. Give up on your first cup of Coffee/tea and push it to later point of day. Try to beat your hunger pangs by eating healthy snacks like makhanas, Chikkis, Nuts and roasted seeds. It is always recommended to choose lighter dinner when practising suryanamaskar and consume enough water!

It is not difficult. As a conclusion your health is all about what you give it and all healthy choices you make.

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