Make your Workout goals Simpler this New year- Try these
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Make your Workout goals Simpler this New year- Try these

Dry Fruits for Healthy Exercise

Majority of them design a sophisticated Fitness goal or resolution by the end of the year i.e. when New year is just round the corner. They write this down in a fancy diary. Read it with high spirits on December 31st . Implement the same with great motivation on first day of the year. The motivation lasts for the 1st one week and somehow manages to crawl towards the end of the month. Then they hardly look back or look into the diary till the next new year hits. It’s a funny reality of majority of us isn’t it? Reasons could be many. Life takes over, work takes over, ambitions take over but health on the other hand is always kept waiting. 

Now here are some quick tips to keep your body parts moving the whole day or indirectly, simpler achievable exercises which can add great value to one’s health. Its fun. Have a look

  • Walk and talk:
  • Never be a couch potato when you are on calls or sit for long hours in your so called ergonomic office chair.  Walk and talk those office calls, or a small walk with you team post that heavy lunch when lethargy strikes in. Stand and sip a coffee. Make extra efforts to touch base with your team members. If you are working from home, get up and check out the window and divert your focus on the greens. You may not have enough time for that brisk 45 mins walk on the road or the park but few quick steps here and there at regular intervals will indeed make a lot of difference to the parts of the body.

  • Group game
  • Have a team of your like minded people with whom you can have those quick interval games. It can be fooseball or table tennis. Or even a Sunday morning cricket to sweat it out . Or one with a small football team for the weekends. For the ones with kids, take time and play some quick games with them. Take them for a swim. This way you will spend quality time with your kids and also give some exercise to your body


  • Dance Dance Dance!
  • If you are someone who likes music and art, make time to groove and move to music at a fitness Centre. This will relax your mind, make you laugh and also a good cardio workout. If fitness center is not under your zone, why not do it at home alone. Put on some music and move to the beats. It is not that difficult. We need to just take the first step.

  • Take the stairs
  • Say no to lift and say yes to stairs. If taken on a serious note this will be proven good for the belly fat muscles, toning of legs and regulating breath work. This also builds strength, flexibility on a longer run

  • Clean 
  • In a day allocate 15mins to 30mins to clean a part of your home. This could be doing the dishes or changing bedsheets, sweeping or swobing the floor. You may even invest time in cleaning your vehicles. All of these shakes up few parts of your body which might not have not moved for months together. 

  • Trek, hike or Climb mountains
  • Now this could be super fun with bunch of people with you and also a good change for mind and eyesight. With these adventures our body and mind both are in synch and active. At the end of the day you will know its worth it when you sweat it out and also your mind is now made space for new things, than playing the tape of older taught again and again. In other words, mind and body both are rejuvenated. Even a realistic goal of 1 trek per month is achievable.

  • Few stretches before bed time or first thing you wake up:
  • As soon as you wake up in the morning one of the best ways to get your body going is stretching. Do some simple neck rotations, eye ball movements, leg movements, few deep inhalations and exhalations in the bed itself and get yourself started slowly. 

    Unwind your day in the bed with gratitude and do some basic stretches to let the stress go. Most of the times stress gets stuck at your lower back, spine, neck, shoulders, eyes, toes, legs. Do mild yoga poses like mountain pose, bridge pose, cobra post, cat cow stretch. This will release your body muscles and help you sleep much better. 

    Do not forget to have a healthy diet. You are what you eat and that reflects in your health and body. Include lot of fruits, vegetables, proteins, Super foods like Dry fruits, Seeds in your diet. Choose to say no to junk because end of day your energy and over all wellbeing comes from what you consume on daily basis.

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