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About Us

Only if a man’s digestive system could talk and if a man could hear what it is craving for, it could have been a tedious task for a him to cater to the needs of his stomach. Hunger can pop up anytime! As soon as you are up in the morning you may want to munch on some healthy nuts. Between your work breaks, you may want to snack on some healthy food. Post your work out you may crave for a protein rich smoothie made from rich dates, seeds, Oats. Your tea time snack can make you pick on some flavourful nuts. Your post meeting breaks may seem like just wanting to grab a cup of instant Coffee. Your mid night pangs could make you search for tin of dried fruits. Your less energy hours could long for something that can instantly boost your energy. The list may go on. Satisfying ones Hunger pangs with healthy choices is what Hungerpangz is keen on. With the variety of choices to make in the area of Dry Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Berries, Dried fruits, dates and snacks one may only see us as a One-Stop Solution for all healthy requirements. Amidst this, Hungerpangz also offers a flavour filled edition of Roasted Nuts, Makhanas, Spices, Coffee products, Honey and Kitchen Ingredients. These food products are packaged with “Love” for customers as a secret mechanism. This further extends to not just handpicking the best of them from sources across India, but also following a brief step of cleaning, sorting and processing. With its packaging in sealed airtight cans, you may not ask for better in terms of quality and Best Online delivery. Our team walks an extra mile to take all precautionary measures of cleanliness and sanitization. Right from sorting till its safely packed into boxes every measure is taken to ensure the safety and quality of these products. This is how our team believes in giving back “The value for money”. Currently HungerPangz is based out of the city of Bangalore. But its customer base is spread wide across India.
Roshni Upasna (Co-Founder)

She is part of HungerPangz since its inception. Prior to this, Upasna was a Human Resource Professional for 5+ years with various Corporates like Prime Focus, JCPenny in Bangalore City. Currently she manages the Front end operations and administration, Branding, Customer relations and People Management with HungerPangz. She is the brain behind the branding and packaging of the products. She is consistently working on creating an awareness among people about incorporating Dry fruits as part of Daily diet, providing a whole new perspective to healthy snacking. Her vision is to make HungerPangz, a Pan India brand as a go-to brand for the people of India in terms of buying healthy and hygienic Dry fruits, providing healthy gifting options and most importantly creating a clear cut awareness on “Why Dry fruits & Nuts?” and “how much of it for optimal health?” at affordable prices.
What We Promise
Freshest, Tastiest, Crunchiest Nuts & Trail Mixes in India
One stop shop for all kinds of tastebuds
Always Available Delivery on time, every time
High & premium quality nuts sourced organically