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Biblical mentions of 3 Dry Fruits you must know this Christmas

christmas and raisins

Biblical mentions of 3 Dry Fruits you must know this Christmas

History and Literatures speaks about the usage and importance of these 3 dry fruits. They have stuck around since thousands of years. Imagine the amount of richness and value it holds as a life altogether. Check out the mentions of Dry fruits in different instances and this Christmas do not forget to add this into your arena of food spread and celebrate the happiness and  Vitality  of good health.


“Then Abigail hurried and took two hundred loaves of bread and two jugs of wine and five sheep already prepared and five measures of roasted grain and a hundred clusters of raisins and two hundred cakes of figs, and loaded them on donkeys.”

Raisins have been growing since early 2000BCE in Egypt and Persia. These dried grapes comes in diversified colour, size, taste and also great health benefits. Romans and Greeks used to offer Raisins to their Gods and Goddesses. It was symbol of richness and giving. Raisins are rich in proteins, riboflavin, dietary minerals, anti-oxidants. Raisins are used to maintain good oral health and digestive health. They are very good for ones suffering from anaemia and Acidity issues. Soak a few of them overnight and consume it along with water the next day. You can munch it in its natural form too. “Also try setting it in your curds overnight” saysWell known Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. This acts as a good probiotic food, proven healthy for your gutt.

Here are few Raisins which are commonly used in household today for different reasons.

Black Raisins : These are dried black grapes which are grown in various parts of the world. They are used in cooking, brewing, baking.  These are also called as kali kishmish.

Golden Raisins : Also known as Indian raisins, you will find this in almost every household. They are commonly used in desserts, sweets, oat meals, biryanis

Munnaka Raisins : Slightly large in size, sweetish in taste and bit darker in color, these grapes are also called Sultanas.

Green Raisins : Also called as Afghan raisins, these are green in color and rich in taste. A little tart, a little tangy, some are long in size.


  1. FIGS

They gave him a piece of fig cake and two clusters of raisins, and he ate; then his spirit revived. For he had not eaten bread or drunk water for three days and three nights.”

Again it goes back to the times of Romans, Greeks, Spanish prior 2500 BC. this was the most looked for fruit and it was rich in its appearance, taste and most important the vitality it brought it. It was back then associated with Olympians and was called as the fruit of Olympian. It’s a fruit which Prophet Mohammad himself said that he would wish to see it in paradise.

Drying and preservation happened even after the season of fresh figs so that it could be consumed during seasons it would not be available. The dried fruit came out with its own taste and made a difference in Culinary cooking. Figs come with small seeds inside which is not so easily digestible. Hence it is advised to soak this for few hours before consumption. Figs are rich in calcium and Potassium. Since figs are laxative in nature, figs are very good for constipation. Greeks considered fig as a fruit of love. It is even today considered very good for fertility. It is rich in iron and comes with benefits for woman’s reproductive health.


  1. DATES

The leaves were used for weaving baskets, ropes, rugs and as roofs for the houses. The trunk was used to build structures with and the fruits were eaten. A palm branch symbolizes peace, victory, triumph and eternal life. The date is a symbol of honesty and righteousness.”

It was indeed a symbol of Luxury and served for Kings and queens. Palm groves were known to be helpful and each part of the tree was used for making something useful. It was rich fruit , rich in iron, Vitamins, Proteins, Fibre. Some considered as a dose of instant energy bounce. And others called it a medicine with its healing properties. Woman were recommended dates for the benefits it offers during pregnancy and Delivery. A woman who was unable to conceive also was offered Dates.

Even today for the ones who know dates, consume it in the form of Syrup, Fresh form as wet dates, Dried form as Dry dates. Even Christmas comes with the tradition of including these dates in desserts, cakes, puddings or raw form.  Market offers today a wide range and categories in dates. Know and pick what suits you. Very soft and mushy Khemeo dates, the commonly known Iranian dates, Seedless Arabian dates, Chewy and sweet Safwai dates, rich sparkling jumbo sized Medjool dates, Healing and dark in color and round shaped Ajwa dates, long fleshy Mabroom dates and to name a few. Options are many, now choice is yours!

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