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Secret Santa Gifts this Christmas

online christmas gifts

Slowly with the end of Covid era, all of us our resuming back to our workplaces. The feel of working in an office environment is always cherished with the memories it gets about the time we spend with our colleagues and officemates.

It’s a common practise to celebrate few key festivals in office as well like Diwali, Navratri, New year, Christmas etc. As Christmas is nearing, most of them will now be back to remembering the gifts they received from their secret Santas previously and must be looking forward for better gifting ideas this year.

Christmas is the time of the year where we all come together as family and friends to celebrate the joy and happiness of the arrival of Lord himself. With this we rejuvenate our relationships and ways of living. It’s a time of the year we thank for all that the Lord has bestowed us throughout the year and we also welcome new year with full swing!

Here are some great options you can consider for gifting your secret child:


We usually see a wide smile on the faces of the one you gift especially female employees, while they see someone gifting them chocolates. Its indeed a great way to make them happy. Keep it unique with some choices of Home Made chocolates this year.

Personalised Dairies:

One can personalise a diary as 2023 is just round the corner. It could hold some positive affirmations and good taughts embarked such that it is useful both on personal and professional fronts.

Snack boxes:

Look for some online gifting options and include some healthy snacks, Premium nuts and dry fruits. Try out customised gifting by HungerPangz. Now the reason you can opt for this is because it is not just your Secret child, but most of your team mates can involve in eating these healthy dry fruits and nuts during their work breaks. You will see a rush of all the team members at the desk of snacks and small petty quarrels to eat them. In no time the desk remains with nothing but empty wrapers and containers. This way you make most of the team members happy. Try out their 10 unique flavoured nuts namely Chat masala cashews, Thai chilly cashews, Peri Peri roasted almonds etc. It is also a healthy idea to go for!


A small budget on the accessories which is daily requirement for men and women will be a mindful gifting. Now this can include keychains, wallets, laptop bags, mugs, fashion accessories and handbags for women, earphones, pen stand etc. One may pick 2 or 3 from above list and club them into a nice gift box.

Baked snacks:

No one can resist the fragrance of baked cakes, muffins or doughnuts. Christmas is all about sharing love and care. It marks the birth of Jesus Christ and a renewal of all our wishes and dreams. We start new as we end the year on celebration and festive note. We see lot of plum cakes packed with tutti fruttis, dry fruits being circulated amongst friends, neighbours, family. Club it with your favourite wine, It all calls for happy celebrations!

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