How to add dry fruits, nuts and seeds to your breakfast?
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How to add dry fruits, nuts and seeds to your breakfast?

Oats with dry fruits

"Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper"

They say breakfast like a king! Which means add some power boosting items in your morning breakfast which will keep you vital, energetic and full of life throughout the day! What you eat must make you perform better, think better and feel at the best of your health. Dry fruits, nuts, seeds are all time superfoods for everyone. Checkout the vivid range of Online Dry fruits and Nuts by Hungerpangz . We bet you will love the variety it offers. Some may want to add it in different ways to their diet.

Here are few ways you can add these superfoods to your breakfast:

Smoothies : 

Mangoes, avocadoes, Chikkus are well suited for smoothies and are fruits which get along well with milk. Make a good smoothie which is refreshing. Make it more nutritious by adding some pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, dates and raisins and serve to everyone in your family and see the change.

Oat Meals:

Garnish your favourite oat meals with a combination of fresh fruits and Dry fruits. You can make it crunchy by adding walnuts, online sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. This will refresh your mood and keep you satisfied for long.

Chia Pudding:

Soak chia overnight in milk. Add some mangoes or pomegranate seeds and honey for sweetness. Online Chia seeds is rich calcium, Fibre, Magnesium, Protien. You will feel the lightness in your stomach, yet the feeling of no hunger for at least next 3 hours.

Avacado toast with some eggs:

Toast it and spread some fresh avocado. The fruit itself is famous as butter fruit and the texture easily spreads into the toast making it super healthy, super nutritious. Tag it along with some Eggs in the form of Spinach Cheese Omlet or Mushroom Cheese Omlet or in the boiled form. Extra proteins from eggs! What more can you ask for !

Dosas with Flax seed chutney:

A healthy protein filled breakfast in India is a basic dosa. The blend of rice, urad dal fermented overnight is a good Desi feel for food craving stomach. Now make it interesting with some Flax seed chutney or blend flax seeds into a chutney pudi. Don’t forget the Desi ghee! It is Sumptuous indeed.

Raghi Malt:

Some love the liquid feel of breakfast. They don’t have time to make it. They just want to drink it as a Malt or a Shake. Its famously called the Raghi malt in South India. Now all you got to do is ½ cup of water with ½ cup of milk. Mix some raghi powder in the milk , stir it to no lumps. Add this mixture into boiling milk and let it blend. You may add some jaggery for mild sweetness. Now one can add Dry fruit powder to this or some baby cashews or what we call the cashews in the granule form. One can also add their favourite choice of seeds or walnuts or raisins or dates. The choice is all yours to make it extra nutritious, extra healthy!

Corn flakes with Nuts and Seeds:

The quick recipe for all those who rush to work is Corn flakes. Corn flakes can always be customised by adding fresh fruits or Dry fruits. Once can here choose dried strawberries, Online Dried fruits, Strawberries, Almonds or even Cashews online.

I am sure you will love these quick and nutritious ways of breaking fast!

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