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Everything you must know about your Pelvic Floor health

pelvic floor health

Usually all the muscles which comes under the pelvis area which acts as floor for all the organs like uterus, bladder, prostate, rectum etc. are collectively called Pelvic Floor. One may not be able to specifically tell during which age, problems related to pelvic floor muscles or Pelvic floor disorders can occur.

Now this could be as simple concern as a little pee release while laughing, unable to control pee, irritation at the pelvis area, leaking stool, irregular bowel movements, painful lower back ache uneasiness in the muscles, pain or cramps while riding or any carrying any heavy weight.

Women after pregnancy go through major change in the pelvis area due to prolonged change and stress on these organs while accommodating a child. In men, it can occur even if the muscles are excessively stretched or weakened.

What are the common reasons for this?

  • Accidents or injuries at the pelvic area
  • Being overweight
  • Excess fat in back, abdomen and pelvic floor muscles
  • Advancing age
  • Lack of exercises
  • Pregnancy


Here are the top 5 exercises and lifestyle tips one must include in their lifestyle to keep upto the Pelvic floor and Pelvic health on the whole

  • Drinking plenty of Water:

Pelvic floor tips

The benefit of drinking water is something each one of us have been implanted with since childhood. Water, the universal solvent can help flush major toxins and cleanse the system. The timely release of urine is a good indicator of good pelvic health. Do not overdrink and stress the pelvic muscles by using the toilet every half an hour. But set a schedule for the same and ensure at least consumption of 2liters of water every single day.

  • Yogasanas:

Include some easily do yoga stretches which is extremely important for pelvic health. Malasana can be very useful for women to relax their uterus. Some even practice this early morning with a glass of water in a hand. Apparently Malasana depicts the olden style of passing stools. This helps you build enough pressure to clearly release the toxins and enhances the bowel movements.

The butterfly pose, Happy baby pose, mountain pose, Locust pose, cobra pose to name many more. All of these when practiced in daily basis can add a good impact on pelvic floor muscles and keep the area fit and healthy.

  • Walking:

walking for pelvic floor

Walking helps in providing thorough exercise to the muscles in the lower body. This includes pelvic muscles as well. Include a brisk 20 minutes of walk in your schedule each day and see the change

  • Inclusion of Super foods:

A good diet adds to good health. Include magnesium rich food like banana, California prunes Online, Dry apricots online, avocados, papayas, blackberries online. Magnesium rich food have a laxative effect and they help to release any kind of constipation related concerns and regulating the stool. It draws water into the stool and make it soft and easier to pass. Exclude any kind of caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, artificial sweeteners, processed food which may add to the irritation on these organs. Instead include fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, carrots, apples, peas etc.

  • Omega Fatty acid rich food and Vitamin D rich food:

pelvic floor foods

Now ensure you add some good fats in your diet like healthy fish oil, fishes like salmons, tuna. Buy pumpkin seeds online , flax seeds and include them in your diet. Choose for online shopping of almonds and Walnuts online. These quickly home delivery of dry fruits and nuts is the trending topic of discussion today. Soak these healthy almonds and walnuts overnight, peel it off and have it first thing in the morning. Peeling off removes the content called tanin and helps the body absorb nutrients and all content in the body without hazels.

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