Why Consider Dry Fruits and Nuts for Diwali Celebrations?
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Why Consider Dry Fruits and Nuts for Diwali Celebrations?

Dry fruits for Diwali

Why Consider Dry Fruits and Nuts for Diwali Celebrations?

Diwali is a festival which comes with various kinds and ways of celebration. It marks the end of evil and Victory of the Righteousness. It is also famous as the festival of lights where in, the light prevails the Darkness and brings Brightness to the lives of all. The activities in celebration also include brightening up the houses with Diyas or lights, Bursting fire crackers, showering friends and family with sweets, clothes and surprise gifts.

Here are the top 5 reasons why one should consider buying Dry Fruits this Diwali!

1.Health is wealth:

Diwali is a time where we wish good health and Prosperity to all. Why not use this as an opportunity to shower our loved ones with healthy gifting options like Dry Fruits and nuts. Now you may choose to buy these Dry Fruits and Nuts online and surprise them with the online delivery of Dry fruits at their doorsteps or make an effort to buy them from a reputed local store and surprise them at the doorbell. Either of these is one step towards healthy living. We are living in times where health is considered to be the greatest wealth and each day we are making our best to keep our health in optimal condition.

As all know Dry fruits and Nuts are rich in nutrients, Multivitamins, Minerals and Omega Fatty Acids which is good fat. These are Brain healthy nuts, Heart-healthy Dry fruits and Gutt friendly in nature. Benefits of Dry fruits and Nuts are umpteen. So why not consider these for healthy Diwali Celebrations? 

2.Calorie Management:

Amidst the wide range of delicacies cooked and served on the table on these three days, prominent are sweets. We see people exchanging sweet boxes. It is hard to say no to different variety of sweets but little do we also know that, they come with extra calories. Hence we can also say that Diwali is the time where we gain that extra kilos by taking a bite of jamuns, jelebis, Laddoos, Rasgullas, pedas every now and then.

The reason why we can consider Dry fruits and nuts is to manage these calories mindfully. It is never wrong to enjoy the festival by giving your taste buds a sense of sweetness. After all Diwali is all about forgetting bitterness and spreading the sweetness of love and joy. But it is also a wise taught for one to replace at least 50% of these with nutritious and healthy choices like Dry Fruits, Nuts and healthy Snacks.

3.Compatible with all Age Group:

Dry Fruits and Nuts is one Category of food which can make people of any age group happy. Children always love to munch on them as they are always eager and always excited to try variety. It’s the age they mould both mentally and physically. So why not healthy moulding with Healthy Nuts online.

Parents are at the peak time where health drives their productivity and they are mindfull about what they eat and always choose to munch on healthy snacks. We always see a bright smile on their faces when they encounter a healthy dry fruit box vs sweets, chocklates or snacks. Not to forget, they are diet conscious too.

Neither curiosity, nor excitement, nor diet is the concern when it comes to senior citizens. All they look for is healthy eating and management of their energy levels to navigate well through their oldage.

4.A Feel of Luxury:

A well-presented or a hamper of Dry- fruit boxes with exotic and colourful nuts, dry fruits can give the festival a vibe of richness and luxury. Dry Fruits and Nuts have now moved into a category of not just healthy eating but also exotic food.

5.Further What we make out of what we receive:

When we gift others nuts and dry fruits like raisins , almond, cashews, best pistachios online, seeds etc these can be useful in various ways. Either they are consumed in their raw form or added to delicacies. Many people use it to make sweets , kheer etc. At the end adding to good cuisine and health.

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