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Hungry Kya, Makhana Kha – 5 top reason for you to make these Crunchy Makhanas your go-to snacks!

Makahanas are very popularly known these days as Foxnuts, Gorgon nuts, prickly waterlily or even Lotus seeds. These are basically derived out of Lotus seeds. They are dried and then roasted.

Gone are the days where people chose only popcorn to get a feel of theatre experience while watching movies. Now Popcorns have been replaced by Crunchy Munchy makhanas.

Here are top 5 reasons why you must buy Lotus seeds online and include these in your snack list

1.Health of Kidney:

The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory property in makhanas reduces and heals any kind of inflammation which might be caused by stress or as a result of any intolerance. The cleansing property of makhana helps in detoxification of the kidneys and also passing urine clearly.

2.Healthy heart:

The lower level of sodium and fat is what determines the health of your heart. Added to these attributes are the nutrients like magnesium, proteins, carbs which is vital for heart health.

3.Weight loss:

Less calories, low cholesterol and fat is what a person keen on weight loss will be looking for. When Hunger Pangs strikes at 11pm and the hunt is for quick healthy snack then HungerPangz Makhanas can be of great help. Try their latest Flavoured Makhana online for Weight loss.

4.Boosts sexual health:

Aphrodisiac in nature, Makhanas help in increasing sexual desires. They are known to be great for addressing fertility related concerns especially for women. For male, it is believed to increase the sperm count as per Ayurveda.

5.Healthy bones and teeth:

Due to richness in calcium Makhana benefits spreads across different areas. Thia can be added into the diet of even kids and oldies for good bone healthy and oral health.

How can One include Makhanas as a part of daily life

Simply munch it as a snack during hungry hours. If you are looking for Online shopping of Makhanas, HungerPangz is a right platform.  One may not like to consume them in plain form. HungerPangz Makhanas online comes with different variations for people with different taste buds. Tangy tomato makhana Online, Chilly garlic Makhanas online, Cheese Makhanas online, Pepper flavoured makhanas and finally shop for cream and onion Makhanas at

Few moms crush these and use this Makhana powder with milk and feed their kids. Toddlers get good skin growth with this and any allergy related issues can be addressed. The benefits of Makhana is numerous for people for all age group.

Gluten free Makhanas are also a go to option for Vegans. Straight from the plant, rich in fibre these Makhanas adds to good digestive process and relives from constipation concerns. Makhanas can also be used for kheer, or in curry.  You may also find interesting Makhana recipies online like makhana  namkeens, chivdas, paratas, bhels etc. 

We are always one step away from choosing what is best for us. Next time the moment you give up on your craving and choose to settle with junk, try keeping in handy a container of Hungerpangz Makhana. Trust us! You will feel the difference

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