Celebrating Navaratri and Dussehra- Vrat Foods
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Celebrating Navaratri and Dussehra- Magical Advantages of Vrat Foods

The festival of Navaratri is celebrated and devoted to Goddess Durga. It is also marked as an end to all evil with Lord Ram killing Ravana. Also with this Victory, starts the new beginning. Navaratri further welcomes Happiness, Prosperity and Success with worship of Goddess Durga and followed by which comes more auspicious festivals like Dussehra and Diwali.

In major parts of India, Navaratri comes with lot of activities like Chanting Mantras, Cleansing the hearts and homes and removing all the unwanted which doesn’t add to ultimate growth. People also keep 9 days special Poojas and fasting. Few scientific beliefs also revolve around the fact that these 9 days are the ones in which the body has very low immunity. Hence it is good to keep one’s body mild in food consumption and avoid any heavy food like meat, eggs, alcohol, onion, garlic etc.

Even though we today have embraced the concept of fasting, we have also advanced in our thinking of having mindful fasting. A technique which allows you eat nutritious food, keeping in mind the benefits it adds to our body and help us go through the journey of this 9day celebration. As a part of the ritual which involves cleansing your homes, why not cleanse the human system, flush away all toxins by keeping oneself mild in food and be at their best phase physically and mentally for Navaratri. Shop online for best Superfoods for better quality and Price.

Here are few of the best Vrat foods and the Benefits of consuming them during Navaratri

1.Sabudana Kichdi:

This is one of the famous go-to food during any kind of fasts. People usually make this during Sankast Chaturthi, Ekadashis and Navaratri. These are also called as Tapioca pearls. They need to be soaked and then prepared. It addresses any kind of stomach related problems like gas, bloating and not just hunger. It’s a comfort food and a much recommended Vrat food in various part of North India.


Popularly known as Phool Makhanas, they are used as snacking during Vrat days. People either dry roast them, or make namkeens, chivdas or kheer out of these. They are low in calories and cholesterol and keeps your stomach light during fasts. Try out HungerPangz Tangy Tomato Makhanas. You may not need to convert these delicious flavoured makhanas into any recipes. Just open the air tight flavoured makhana containers and start munching right away!

3.Dry Fruits and Nuts:

While people keep themselves away from rice and breads during Navaratri, much discussion would be around eating naturally available items like Fresh fruits and Dry Fruits. Dry Fruits not just adds to body nutrition but it also is an instant energy booster. People make Dry fruits ladoos, kheer, sweets and other delicacies and even consume them in their raw form to keep up to the best of their energy levels and vitality. A very good addition to Navarathri Vrat food is dry fruits, nuts, seeds, dates. Buy dry fruits online with a reputed brand like HungerPangz and address your Navaratri Hunger Pangs.

4.Besan Chilka with mixed vegetables:

A simple easily digestable gram floor chilkas with some vegetables in it can be a very much easy, stomach soothing recipie. This is also a recommended comfort food for oldies keeping in mind their digestive system

5.Banana Milk Shake:

An instant boost to one’s mood and energy levels is banana milk shake. Sweeten it up with HungerPangz Seedless dates. Blend it with handful of HungerPangz Almonds and Cashews and top with up with HungerPangz Exotic 7 seeds mix.  We bet! You will be fuller for upcoming 10 hours and nothing can beat this Dry fruit Banana Milk shake.

6.Upma loaded with vegetables:

Much contrary to North Indian style, South Indians either have a bowl of Upma in the morning or in the evening. Much of fastings, Pooja and rituals are observed the whole day and one refrains from rice, garlic, Onion, rottis or any kind of Indian bread. They call it as an evening tiffin. A basic sooji with loads of vegetables. This adds to the energy and strength along with seasonal fruits during the fasting phase.

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