Why Dry fruits and Nuts during Pregnancy?
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Why Dry fruits and Nuts during Pregnancy?

Why Dry fruits and Nuts during Pregnancy?

A journey of 9 months nurturing two lives, needs a handful of Dry fruits and Nuts each day. These are one among the several Superfoods for pregnancy. These superfoods could help in catering to body’s vital requirements and making Pregnancy progress well.


The definition of Nutrition and Healthy eating takes a new stand altogether when Pregnancy kicks in. It’s a phase where in the 11 months of period with right diet, determines the physical and mental wellbeing of the child.

Lot of us keep surfing internet on Dry fruits for Pregnancy online or “Is Dry fruits during pregnancy good or bad?“ Though most of the people are aware of the benefits these Superfoods brings in to the health of the Mother and Child, there is no clear awareness about, which one and how much of these to be consumed.

Here are few top Pregnancy Dry fruits and Nuts:


Richness of Almonds in Vitamin E, Fibre, Magnesium, Folate, Proteins adds to several growth related areas of child. Healthy bones, Teeth, skin, hair and nervous system are the top targeted areas. Risk of Hypertension caused during Pregnancy to a mother can be reduced to major extent by adding handful of Almonds into one’s diet.

Walnuts are rich in Omega-3 or what we call as brain fat which is utmost necessary for brain development of unborn child.

Inclusion of cashew nuts and Pistachios in pregnancy diet may help maintain your lipid profile levels, in turn managing the gestational diabetes. These two nuts are very effective in managing gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Cashew nuts are also best known to keep up to the iron level in mother.

Pista during pregnancy can be another way of dealing with constipation issues. Its rich in fibre which helps in good digestion and bowel movements. These low calorie nuts help in dealing with stress, anxiety and tension caused due to continuously changing hormones.

Dried Apricots and Figs:

A pregnant woman has 50% more blood in her body, and therefore needs even more iron than usual to produce haemoglobin. It is imperative for expecting mothers to have proper iron intake as its deficiency can lead to low birth weight, preterm delivery, and even infant mortality. A handful of dried apricots caters to around 10% of your daily iron needs.

Apricots also contain vital vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, calcium and magnesium - all of which keeps the expecting mom healthy during pregnancy and helps in foetus development. Dried apricots have high potassium content that can be effective in treating swelling experienced during pregnancy.

Eating figs during Pregnancy can help in resolving many digestive concerns as these are rich in fibre content

Dates and Prunes:

Dates contain B vitamin folate, an important nutrient during pregnancy as it prevents serious birth defects. Doctors recommend folic acid tablets for Pregnant women. Dates are right supplements for this. They are also rich in iron. Iron deficiency may lead to conditions like anaemia.

Dates and Prunes can also be used as a substitute for sugar. For the one who have sweet cravings, dates are really good option. Since they are low at glycaemic index (GI), they are digested more slowly and won’t cause a rapid increase in your blood sugar levels.

Dates also help in labour contractions, and reduce excess bleeding. Research shows that women who have consumed dates 4 weeks before pregnancy have smoother labour and their cervix area is much softer. Usually oxytocin is given as medication to reduce excess bleeding post-delivery. Dates lessen the needs of oxytocin to be supplied to the body to speed up labour.

For the ones who find dates are heat to the body, replace the same with Prunes. Prunes are extremely good for digestive health and helps one reduce constipation issues. Many women undergo issues like constipation, uneven digestion, nausea, bloating during pregnancy. Prunes is one superfood which addresses all of these issues. Just like dates, it is also rich with iron content and helps boost one’s iron level in the body.

How to and when to consume Dry fruits while Pregnant?
  • Best time to eat dry fruits during pregnancy could be a question which most women think of alongside how to consume. Almonds and walnuts can be soaked overnight and peeled off and consumed the next day morning. Removing the peel helps in better absorption of nutrients in the body. Also one can avoid vomiting sensations by removing peel and consuming these nuts.

  • Cashews can be munched or used in cooking delicacies.

  • Apricots, Dates, Prunes and figs can be consumed as a mid morning snack or when hunger Pangs strikes at odd hours. One may even add these in Dry fruit milk shakes, oat meals or porridges.


  • Usually women undergo major changes in the first 3 months of pregnancy and have a tuff time settling down with diet. Incase a womans body doesn’t support dry fruits during first trimester of pregnancy, one may start having dry fruits and nuts post 1st trimester. They may start small and gradually add different superfoods. A healthy combination of dry fruits and fresh fruits can do miracles on one journey of pregnancy. Dry fruits during third trimester of pregnancy will only start showing good results if one starts to include this in the diet from early stages.

  • Incase if a mom feels allergetic to any of these superfoods or if one sees any abnormalities like skin infections or rashes, it is advised to stop immediately. Not all woman have same body composition and not all bodies absorb and react the same way. Taking a second opinion from your Doctor can help a mom plan her diet better.

  • Dry fruits can also be powdered fine and consumed by mixing in milk or milk shakes.

How much is too much?

3-4 almonds and walnuts, handful of apricots and figs, 2-3 pieces of prunes, 1-2 dates, 3-4 cashews. Excess of anything for the taste of it may not be recommended. Consistency and control over the desire of munching excess of these superfoods can help a mom go a long way in the journey of Pregnancy. Ultimately the destination where a mom holds and cuddles her healthy baby in her hand makes the journey worth it!

It is not just about a single life but a life of healthy mother and her healthy pregnancy from which emerges a healthy child!

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