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Chile Walnuts
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About the Product
1. Taste and looks: IHungerPangz brings 100% real Chile skinless walnuts or walnuts without shell of premium quality for your all-time hunger pangs. These walnuts are neither roasted nor salted, just presented to you in their raw, shell-less form.
2. Packaging: The packaging is available in 250g vacuum packs and box packs.
Here are some quick benefits of these brain nuts if consumed on regular basis
  • Plant based Omega -3 fat: Chile Walnuts are one of the best natural sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is a very important nutrient in reducing the risk of heart diseases, and triglycerides, and also helps in shedding inches.
  • Nutrition rich and heart-healthy: Quality Walnuts are rich in copper, fat, folic acid, vitamins, phosphorus, and are considered heart and brain healthy food. They support heart health by reducing bad cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and improving blood vessel functions. The risk of contracting heart-related strokes and diseases all comes from how healthy a lifestyle you adopt on a daily basis. Include Walnuts in your diet.
  • Gutt healthy: What one eats majorly influences the microbiota which leads to discomfort and gut-related diseases. Eating walnuts supports the health of microbiota and the gut.
  • Pregnancy food: Walnuts are considered brain-healthy food and are very good for the initial formation and growth functions of the brain in a child.
  • Brain healthy: With time, eating walnuts can improve and boost brain cells, anti-aging memory concerns, and reduce the chances of diseases like Alzheimer's. The brain's ability to learn and grow can be greatly enhanced by consuming walnuts. If you are looking to buy the best quality Walnuts online at the best price, do choose us because we don't just sell the best. It all starts from sourcing the best!
  • It is good to soak the Walnuts and consume it without peeling for the body to absorb the best of nutrition.
    These are not roasted Walnuts. They come without shell
    Origin and color, texture, and taste varies. Chile Walnuts are lightish brown in color and light weighted too compared to Californian Walnuts
    By all means. Walnuts are known to help build resistance to insulin, control blood glucose levels, and lower the risk of developing Type-2 diabetes. 2. They are rich in dietary fibers. Fibers take a long to break down and digest, which ensures a slow release of sugar in the bloodstream.
    Yes they are healthy fats
    Morning empty stomach for best benefits
  • Best consumed by soaking around 2-4(1-2 for kids) in quantity by removing the peel . Mornings are best time to consume Walnuts in its natural form.
  • Walnuts can be crushed and used as garnishing for salads, desserts, puddings or it can be used in favorite milk shakes and smoothies.
  • It can be also added to oat meals, served in combination with yoghurt or also used in baking favorite walnut cakes.
  • One can also sprinkle the pieces of walnut into a healthy salad for that extra crunch and healthy bite