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Pista Without Shell
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About the Product
1. Taste and looks: HungerPangz brings to you 100% authentic, Premium quality Salted and Roasted Iranian Pistachios for your all time hunger pangs. If you are looking to buy pista online without shell, you are at the right Online store.
2. Packaging: Packaging is avalaible in 125g, 250g, 500g airtight sealed containers, and 250g vacuum refill packs.
These Iranian without shell Pistachios are less in calories when compared to other nuts. These are popularly known as smiling nuts and usually consumed as healthy snacks to ward off hunger pangs.
  • Weight Management: Rich in Fibre and Protein. Hence it can keep you full for long. This way it helps in developing good bacteria in the gutt as well and is gutt friendly
  • Lesser Calories: Pistachios are very less caloried. Hence it is okay to munch of them for the ones who seem to be more calorie consiuous and in weight loss journey, They are nutritious yet satisfying.
  • Vitamins and mineral rich: They are cholesterol free rich in minerals like manganese, phosphorous,Copper,pottasium, thiamine and vitamins like Vitamin B6
  • Anti-oxidant rich: They are rich in anti-oxidant which are necessary for good vision and protect against cancer and heart diseases
  • Builds Immunity: Vitamin B6 present in pistachios is useful in generating RBC and thus provides protection against any kind of infections. It keeps the immune system in check
  • Other benefits: They help in lowering blood sugar levels. They improve both brain and nerve health. They aid good digestion.
  • If you are looking to order Pistachios online, do choose from us because we don’t just sell the best. It all starts from sourcing the best. Pista online purchase gets more easier and efficient with HungerPangz,
    Plain pistachios are without salt deshelled and good for people who wish to consume in its raw plain form , avoiding salt. Roasted and salted ones are shelled Pistachios which is mildly salted and Roasted which gives you that extra taste and crunch to munch on wheras
    One can consume handful(50g) of pista per day. Kids can have say 2 to 3 pistachios. Consuming this is moderation is a key to good health because excess of it might lead to cholesterol or digestive concerns, abdominal pain, bloating , constipation. People who are already suffering from Kidney problem might need to avoid consuming pista
    There are American pistachios and Iranian pistachios. Both comes with its own benefits and characteristics. Depends on the quality and price, people make their choices
    One can judge the quality of pistachios based on the crunchiness. Also one can check if any odour.
    The shelf life of pistachios can range from 6 to 8 months depending on the storage and exposure. Ensure it is preserved in air tight containers and not exposed to areas of heat or anything which could lead to spoilage of products fast.
    One can choose combination of 250g*4, 500g*2 for buying 1kg of Pistachios at HungerPangz
    The pricing is calculated on factors like packaging, container costs etc. Hence there is base minimal variation with pricing for different quantities.
    These are vaccum packed nuts. Since there is no much of packing involved here, the cost is comparatively lesser than cans. IF you are ordering outside Karnataka, its recommended to buy airtight containers to keep upto the product quality over the course of transportation. This avoids damage, breakage of any sort.
  • Best consumed in its plain form.
  • It can be powdered and added into smoothies and mixed with yoghurt.
  • It is also added to oat meals, sweets, ladoos, dry fruit mix powder
  • One can consume a handful of pistachios during mid- morning hungry hours or as part of evening tea snacks.
  • This can also be packed as munchies for kids in their tiffin boxes as snacks
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