Makhanas - Chilly Garlic
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Makhanas - Chilly Garlic

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1. Roasted and Flavoured Lotus Seeds with the spice of Chilly and touch of garlic. Extremely delicious and crunchy. Satisfy your hungerpangz with these healthy snackable Makhanas.

2. If you are looking to buy some crunchy snacks to munch during your hungry hours, then these flavored cheese makhanas should be your go to option. One may also look for this online as Foxnuts. 

3. These have impressive health benefits when it comes to healthy and nutrition rich snacking. These are excellent source of proteins, fibre, magnesium, iron, phosphorous. 

4. Foxnuts are great for health due to its anti-oxidant properties.

5. They are high in fibre level and hence helpful in relieving constipation issues.

6. They support weight loss by reducing food cravings and make an excellent munching options during tea time, work breaks or even mid night pangs. 

7. This is one of the happy snacking option for children at their 10am school breaks. They will enjoy munching on these flavourful foxnuts and simultaeneously you will not have complaints of them craving for food .

8. Buy these crunchy Makhana or puffed lotus seeds online , more to add is rich flavoured Makhanas online which will be delivered to your doorsteps. 

9. It contains no added preservatives or artificial colors or taste enhancers.

10. These 80gs sealed packed air tight containers keeps the crunchiness and freshness of Makhanas intact

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